Adoptive Parents

Adoptive Parents


Better Living Adoption Services, Inc. performs Adoption Placement and Home Study services. We also assist couples and families who are using assisted reproductive services to complete home assessments and background clearances. We do not have a waiting list and are able to begin the home study when we receive your application.

Our primary goal is to provide loving and nurturing homes to infants and young children.

We perform domestic adoption placements as well as kinship and relative adoptions. We work hand-in-hand with your attorney and the Court system to complete the adoption process.

We are authorized by the state of New Jersey to make placements of children within approved homes and Better Living Adoption Services will do so if a birth parent, adoptive parent, referring agency or attorney requests us to.

Better Living Adoption Services has over 30 years of experience assisting individuals, couples and families with adoption. We understand that the home study process is often anticipated with some anxiety.

A Home Study consists of two to three extended interview sessions. All sessions are conducted in the comfort of your home. During the interviews, we will discuss your personal and family background, your reason for adopting and your attitudes about children. The interviews are scheduled around your needs and include weekends and evenings.

We understand many people may resent the intrusion into their personal lives. Please know, these feelings are perfectly normal. However, the purpose of a home study is to help ensure that a child is placed in a risk-free environment; this is why the home study is required by law.

You can be assured that our intention is not to disqualify candidates but to help you fulfill your adoption dreams. We will support you in every way we can. Once your home study is complete, we can assist in matching you with one of our birthparents or we can assist in an identified placement if you have already been matched and are actively working with a birth parent. Our matching services are free of charge to our home study families. We do not pre-select families or limit the number of families who are seeking to be matched. Birth parents have the option to meet with their prospective adoptive family and to maintain a relationship throughout the child’s life.

We perform Inter-state domestic adoptions as well as relative (kinship), second parent and step-parent adoptions. We provide birth parent options services and will accept voluntary surrenders.

Better Living Adoption Services will assist you in your adoption journey from start to finish. We conduct post placement and post adoption supervision visits in your home once you receive a placement as required by law. We will continue to provide these services through adoption finalization.


“Thank you so much for all of your help, support and guidance with our placement. You are definitely part of the reason it has gone smoothly… Many thanks !” ~ Darren and Michele


“Thank you for all the support and hardwork you’ve put into making our forever family a reality! God Bless”

~ Samantha and Ezra


“Thomas and I can’t thank you enough for helping make our dreams come true!! We are so blessed to have found our son and you guys were instrumental in making that happen! Your support when things [got difficult] and your joy when we found our real match will never be forgotten! … You will be forever in our hearts when thinking about how we began our family!”

~Thomas and Adam



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