Birth Parents

Birth Parents

Better Living Adoption Services, Inc. understands you may be feeling emotional and confused about the reality of your situation. You may feel you are in a state of disbelief and you are feeling worried, angry,stressed, guilty, resentful, depressed and just so nervous about making a decision. You may be thinking the only solution could be if only the situation could just go away, even though you know it won’t.


Our professionally trained and certified social work staff is here to assist you in permanency planning for your baby. Our social workers will offer at least three (3) confidential options counseling sessions as required by law. The options sessions are free of charge and can be conducted in your home, at our office or in the community. All of your options will be explained and explored so that you can make the best permanent plan for your baby.


Our social workers will explore your choices available to the birth mother and the birth father including but not limited to: parenting the child yourself, care by relatives, day care, temporary foster care* or adoptive placement**.




Should the birth parents choose adoptive placement, you have the ability to review profiles of prospective adoptive families and have the ability to select the adoptive parents of your baby. You get to decide your own adoption plan and you get to decide if you wish an open or closed adoption or even something in between.  You also have the ability to meet with the prospective adoptive parents either before or after you give birth, if you wish. Some birth parents wish to have some level of openness after they place their baby for adoption. Typically this openness takes the form of an exchange of pictures or letters for a set period of time. Sometimes, there are visits with the adoptive family after placement and this usually happens about once or twice a year.


Better Living Adoption Services will accept a surrender of the birth parents parental rights 72 hours (three days) after the baby is born. The birth parents can decide to place their baby directly with the prospective adoptive family until the surrender is signed.


All throughout this time, our social workers will assist you in planning for your baby even if that plan does not include the relinquishment of parental rights. All of the services including referrals to mental health services and legal services or other outside agencies are provided to you free of charge both before and after placement of your child with an adoptive family, and even if you choose to decide not to place at all.


If you are in need of medical insurance, we will help you in receiving insurance to cover your pre-natal care for which you are eligible. Better Living Adoption has attorneys available to make sure you know your legal rights, will answer all of your legal questions and will make sure your adoption plan meets every legal requirement. Your Better Living Adoption social worker and your attorney will review with you your pregnancy-related and living expenses in order to provide you with financial assistance for such things as housing expenses, food, transportation and maternity clothes.




*temporary foster care is not a service provided by Better Living Adoption Services; instead, a referral is made if the birth parents are seeking this option.


**adoptive placement is the permanent termination of parental rights to his/her child in which the legal (birth) parents sign a surrender and choose to place the child with adoptive parents.


“My social worker reviewed all of my options with me. After seeing the profile of Tim and Nancy I knew immediately they were the perfect couple for my baby. I had the chance to meet with them in the hospital which really helped to make me know adoption was the right choice for me and my baby.” ~ Andrea

“This was the hardest decision we ever had to make. My boyfriend and I got to meet with the adoptive parents while I was in the hospital and that helped to put our fears to rest. Henry and Steven send us pictures which helps us alot!  We know adoption was the best plan for our daughter. ” ~Jen and Dave

” I came to Better Living Adoption Services already knowing I wanted adoption for my son. I knew there was no way I could parent. Besides, I wanted so much more for him than I could ever provide as a single mom. Still, they took the time to meet with me to explore my options. I had the chance to review profiles of adoptive parents and met with the couple I selected a few times before my son was born. We talked on the phone and would text and the night I went into labor, I called Trish on the phone asking her to meet me at the hospital. Trish and Taylor were there in the delivery room when baby Zane was born. Signing the surrender papers was really difficult but I knew in my heart adoption was the best choice.”


“My husband and I were already parenting two children when we found out we were expecting again. I was working part time at the time and my husband just lost his job. We were barely able to make ends meet as it was. We knew there was no way we could provide for all of our children’s needs like they need and deserve. After some very serious talks, we decided adoption was the best way to provide for our child. Better Living Adoption Services supported our choices and respected our decisions. We choose a closed adoption but we know we can always request pictures. We made sure to sign the release to open the file to our child at 18. ”

~Henry and Maya



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