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7 Adoption Goals for 2016

  Sometimes adoption is tough. If you are waiting to adopt or awaiting finalization, giving yourself a little grace when you have moments of panic (or total freakout) is a good gift. Be patient with yourself and those around you. No one ever claimed adoption was easy . . . at least not anyone who […]

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Understanding Birth Mother Grief

Grief. According to Miriam-Webster’s online dictionary, the word “grief” is defined as “keen mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss; sharp sorrow; painful regret… [W]hat about the loss of a child that is chosen? How does a mother reconcile herself with that complicated spin to her loss?” “When a birth mom chooses to place […]

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Parent-to-Parent: Deciding to Adopt

Realizing Adoption Was Right for Us Real adoptive parents write about the moment when they first realized adoption was the best choice for their families. “I always felt adoption was right for our family, not at all a ‘second choice…” “For us, it wasn’t a single moment, but a series of coincidences.” “When did I […]

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